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Our Attention to the Finer Details


Edamame is notorious for being a food item that relies heavily on freshness. So much so that in Japan there exists a saying that you should start heating water before you go out to harvest edamame – a reference to the method of preparing edamame, which is by boiling. We’ve paid particular attention to our product as we are a take-out only establishment, and as such we’ve contracted with producers from regions leading in edamame production who can provide the taste and freshness that we the Japanese people have come to expect of edamame. As we’ll be providing a variety of flavors on our menu, we’ve selectively chosen the beans themselves to match each flavor profile.


Variety in Flavors


After over 100 rounds of trial and error of cooking various types of edamame as well as selecting appropriate flavors, we’ve finally managed to develop a preparation method that brings out the best in the beans. Even the type of salt being used was taken into consideration, and we also use different types of edamame depending on what flavor suits the beans’ natural profile the best. This was all achieved after numerous repetitions of experimentation and countless minor adjustments in order to achieve as perfect a product as possible.

how to eat


  • 皮をむく


  • 食べる


  • 後ろのポケットに捨てる

    discard pod